Saturday, April 14, 2012

Busy as a bee..

For the past couple of days I've been really busy completing orders from my fellow customers. Lucky enough I got my family to help me out. Lets have a look at some of my finished goods. ^^,

I received a lot of order for my Hp case. But due to time constraint and tight schedule, I only managed to take a picture of these two hp cases. The red and yellow stripes was for Samsung Y and the one in blue and yellow stripes was for Blackberry Bold 3. If you want to see the other handmade Hp case you can click here. You can also request this cases for your external hard disk at the same price which is RM10/pcs

The popularity of my Takochu hp strap is also on a rise. Cute and lovely don't you think. These are some of the order I've received for the past week. Have a look at it

Takochu outdoor photoshoot!!

Packed and ready to be delivered.

The colours for these Takochu are not on the colour template yet. But I'll try updating it with my new colours as soon as possibble. Be patient, okay? ^^,

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